ADHD Coaching For Corporate

ADHD coaching and workshops

In collaboration with all sizes of corporate environments and companies,

I offer coaching and learning to:

  1. Employees and managers with ADHD 
  2. Managers wishing to support their employees and team members with ADHD
  3. Human Resources department wishing to understand the needs of people with ADHD for an inclusive workplace increasing performance and decreasing turnover.

My coaching and presentations include organizational strategies, result-oriented mindsets,  emotional regulation techniques, and communication methodologies.

I come to your company in person and after agreement in Switzerland and France, for one-on-one coaching, group coachingworkshops and presentations on ADHD to understand the topic, support employees with ADHD, create awareness of neurodiversity, and be an inclusive professional environment considering everybody’s uniqueness and needs for optimal productivity and life’s fulfillment.

For the rest of the world, I perform one-on-one and group coaching sessions as well as workshops for small groups or larger audiences online!

All services are in English and/or French.

For inquiries please contact me: moc.ytilaerngised-er@tcatnoc

(Transcript of above video)

Do you have employees in your company that you believe have ADHD or you suspect they might have or they’re struggling with ADHD like symptoms such as trouble with planning, organization, time management, their mind is a bit everywhere on every side. They cannot focus. They cannot commit to the deadlines. And also you can see how creative they are, how much potential they have and you wish to support these employees.

Or maybe you as a manager, you are this employee with ADHD and you wish to be able to support in the best way your team and also yourself to perform in a very good way. But still you’re struggling with those ADHD traits that you still don’t know how to handle better.

Or you just want to understand better what ADHD means, how it is to live with ADHD and to work with ADHD so you can create more awareness in your workplace and how to create an environment to be more inclusive, taking into consideration everybody’s needs because there are different needs. And for people with ADHD as well as people with other types of neurodiversities.

I’m here for you to provide practical tools and organizational tools, but also other types of support, more of the mental aspect and the emotional aspect on what could be more beneficial for your team members and your employees, who are living with ADHD.

What is mostly needed is to understand what it is even for the people with ADHD themselves and to understand how can they use these traits in the best way for themselves and personally, but also of course in their work environment and how can they thrive.

More you will understand about ADHD, more you will see how everybody can fit into this world. Everybody’s strengths can be used in the best possible way to bring your company even higher, and also to have employees in your company that are thriving, that they are proud of themselves, that they are happy, they feel seen, they feel heard, they feel appreciated, they feel considered. And you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to give back all of these features.

So, together you’re going to keep working and building the best for the company and also the best for this little society as a company is a small society. Instead of feeling excluded,they will feel closer together.

The work to be done is not a lot in order to really bring many changes and mostly for the ADHD individuals to feel good and for you too to feel good that the communication is working in the best possible way so the results can really be significant.

I can come to your company and offer workshops on neurodiversity but more specifically on ADHD. And also, I am happy to support managers that have employees with ADHD or managers that themselves have ADHD or any employee in a one on one coaching to support them work better every single day.

Please contact me and I will be more than happy to exchange with you and see how can I support you the best.

I’m looking forward to your message!

For inquiries please contact me: moc.ytilaerngised-er@tcatnoc

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