How I support you

What you can expect from our collaboration

Safe space

You will find an environment where you can be your true self without hesitation. We'll be equal partners, fostering compassion, truth, and appreciation. Your needs will guide us, and my heart will listen and support you.

Big changes

You will transform your reality, expand your choices, and embrace your self-perception. You will enhance strengths, unleash talents, and achieve goals. You will be able to take control, find joy, and create a fulfilling life.

YES to this

Who you are is just right!
Who you are is perfect!
Who you are is enough!
Who you are is needed!
Who you are is meant to be!
Who you are is valuable!
Who you are is valid!
Who you are is fulfilling!
Who you are deserves the best!

NO to this

Fear of stigma and judgment
Masking and pretending
Living on other peoples' terms
Having no boundaries
Needing external permissions
Always adjusting to fit in
Ignoring your wellbeing
Suppressing your natural gifts
Waiting for the right time to live

Your journey with me

Four aspects I consider during my coaching

Independently of the practical tools and methodologies that we will see together to support you in your daily life, there is an inner work that is fundamental to be included in your personal development. Or else no magical tool will ever be sustainable enough.


Discover who you are

Most aspects of your life start from you and mainly from within you. To bring any changes to your current reality you first need to reach clarity. By understanding who you are and who you are not, what you want and what you don’t want, what makes sense to you and what doesn’t, are mandatory questions in need of answers to then be able to transform your everyday and live your life aligned with who you are and your needs.


Appreciate who you are

Once your answers are clear, you will be ready to declutter and decide what you considered right, wrong, or important, get liberated from internal and external judgments, and start to live by your rules. You will start to set yourself as your priority, not because you are selfish but because to redesign your reality and achieve real change, you must give yourself the time, energy, love, and support you need. 


Be proud of who you are

You will now be ready to put down for good the negative weights you were carrying along your journey and finally feel liberated to be exactly who you want to be. The time has come for you to to feel good and proud for who you are, no matter what! You are amazing, unique, and a genuine person with infinite potential and this big warm heart. And you should celebrate yourself every single day.

Show Yourself

Show others who you are

After you have discovered, appreciated and felt proud of who you are, it´s time to show others who you are as well. This step could have some challenges but also a high importance. This will be a crucial moment in your life that will bring you clarity about your relationships with others. Once being your true self around others, open up about who you are, your needs, your wishes, what brings you joy, and what makes you happy, you will witness who are the people that appreciate the real you and are worth hanging around.  The crowd might get smaller but much more real and significant.

Show Yourself
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