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ADHD coaching and support – Is it for you?

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Have you been diagnosed with ADHD?

Are you self-diagnosed with ADHD?

Do you have ADHD alike symptoms?

Are you still trying to figure out who you are? How can you make the best use of your ADHD traits? Of your ADHD powers?

Do you want to find ways to control in a different way and in a better way those traits that are kind of weighing on you that make you not feel so good every day.

Are you struggling, running around all day long like a hamster in a wheel and always not managing the expectations you have set for yourself?

Always wondering:

But what is the matter with me?

Why can’t I be normal like everybody else?

Why can’t I achieve my goals?

Why can’t I plan my things in the right order with the right priorities?

Why can’t I be on time?

Why can’t I stop being stressed about everything?

Why do I keep feeling like a failure to myself?

Why do I keep disappointing others?

Why should life be so difficult?

You know how special you are. You are different. But in a good sense. You have so much creativity, so many ideas, so much potential. You can do miracles. You can save this world. You know it deep inside. But you don’t know how.

Because everything is overwhelming. You don’t know from where to start.

And this is where I come in! I can help you.

I have been diagnosed with ADHD only the last four years of my life. So, at the age of 40. But I know very well, after understanding what ADHD is that I have been living with ADHD my entire life.

I have been struggling a lot as a child, especially during school years. It was a hassle for all of these years and this is how I developed many coping mechanisms, many survival mechanisms at the time that I have used all these years in order to arrive where I am now. And today I have taken all the survivals and I have created techniques, solutions on how I can live my life in a way that I’m proud of it. How I can help you live your life in a way you’re proud of it, and most importantly, how to make the best out of your potential. You have a lot of potential.

I have managed to change in a good way many of the traits I had that used to be difficult for me and challenging. And right now they are not any more challenging. They are manageable. And often they don’t even exist. I don’t perceive them as something challenging.

I can support you to reach a level that you feel like you’ve got this. Your daily life is not any more chaotic. It’s not this stress of, how will I get everything done? Or what will I do now?

If you are open and ready to take your life into your own hands, then I’m here for you to support you, to find ways to bring you joy so you can also feel proud of yourself every single day.

Please keep in mind that for our coaching together, there is nothing that you can do or say that is wrong. You come as you are with an open heart. And I promise you, you will find a completely nonjudgmental space for you to be yourself and for you to develop even more this self.

We are not going to change you. We are going to uplift you. We will take all that you are now and those parts that you love the most. We will take them higher.

And those aspects that you like the least, we will just find some ways that they take less space.

But know already that who you are is fully enough. You are enough. I already appreciate you, even if I don’t know you yet. And you can do so many things with your life.

I believe in you. And if you do as well, if you believe even a 1% in yourself, join me!

Contact me today so we can plan an appointment and get to see if we are a match. If you like my energy, so we can transform your daily life in the best possible way.

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