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ADHD coaching and support – This is my life-changing methodology

ADHD coach Lucie Petrelis

My name is Lucie Petrelis and I am an ADHD coach. For you to understand how I work, in this short article I present to you my specific methodology that has transformed my life and the lives of other people with ADHD who used to struggle, feel overwhelmed, and not manage to take their life into their own hands in a simple way aligned with who they are. To bring real change it was always a hussle and an impossible challenge to overcome. But to achieve real change all you need is the right support, guidance and accountability.

During my coaching I focus on 4 crucial aspects:

First thing, what we usually put aside, which is self-care. Nothing can get better if the self-care is not in place. And I’m talking about nutrition, about sleep, about breathing, about resting, about exercising, about any kind of movement.

Second point, I’m focusing a lot on your mindset. A lot of things are going to change there. You’re going to learn to appreciate all your traits even those that at the moment, you feel you don’t like, you feel like there are an obstacle. No. You will appreciate them all because they’re part of who you are. So, we will focus on the mindset to switch different things that right now feel a burden and soon they’re going to feel just: That’s me. That’s who I am!

Point number three, we’re going to work on practical solutions for your everyday life. Is it planning? Is it prioritizing? Is it time management? Is it decluttering? Is it how to put your everyday life in place in a way that you feel confident, that you are relaxed, that you enjoy, in a way that makes sense to you. We’re going to try many tools. I will give you some recommendations. You will bring your insights. You will try. You will say this works, this doesn’t. OK? Let’s take it from there and see what else can we do. What else would it be even better for you.

Point number four, you and others. All your relationships, all your communication with others. This is such an important part of your life. We’re not meant to be alone we have people around us, and we need to communicate in the best possible way with everybody and of course, first of all with ourselves. So, point four, communication with ourselves and then with others. Such an important part. So, we feel happy with our surroundings, with our family, with our friends, with our community, and with anyone we want to include in our life.

Still not sure if coaching is for you? Write to me or book a non-binding call with me and soon you will have all the clarity you need!

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